DIY snuffle mat

How to make a snuffle mat?


  • Gather your materials. These include a rubber sink mat and upwards of 1½ yards of fleece that isn’t too thick (you don’t want it to be hard to thread through the mat and tie into knots). For a medium sized dog, a rubber mat that measures around 12”x15” might suffice, but if you have a bigger dog, you’ll likely need to get one that’s even larger. The same holds true for the fleece, as you might need more than this amount if you’re making a bigger snuffle mat.


  • Once you have all of your materials ready to go, the next step involves cutting up the fleece so you have a lot of strips that are roughly 1” to 1½ ” wide. The strips should also be a decent length, such as 7”, so you have enough to work with. You could vary the length and width of these strips so you have strips of different sizes when you’re done. How many strips will you need, though? Well, it depends, but don’t be surprised if you need more than 250 strips to get the job done right.


  • Now you’re ready to put it all together. Take one end of one of the strips and push it through the first hole in the mat. The other end of the same strip should be pushed through the hole that’s next to the first hole. Then, you’ll need to flip the mat and tie the strip with one knot. Next, you’ll take another strip and put it through the second hole, next to the first strip, before pushing the other end of that strip through the next hole on the mat. Turn the mat over again and knot that one. Follow this process until you have two of the mat’s rows filled with strips.


  • Next, grab another strip, pushing it through your first row’s first hole, and taking the other end of it and pushing it through the second row’s first hole. Turn the mat over, knot the strip, and then keep going until your first two rows are done in this manner.


  • You’ll need to repeat these steps until you’ve filled in your mat. Then, you’re done!


  • Making your own snuffle mat can be a nice way to spend some time making something nice for your furry friend. But if this seems like it’s too much work, our list of the top 11 snuffle mats will help you find the perfect product to purchase. It’s entirely up to you and no regardless of which option that you choose, these mats are guaranteed to improve the life of any pup!